10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (2024)

Most might assume that the best utility (UTV) side-by-sides are hefty off-road machines made for heavy loads or trailer towing. However, the world of UTVs is far more diverse, including sport side-by-sides among other types.

In fact, there is a UTV tailored to practically any activity and budget, including models that offer excellent value for money. With this vast array of choices, let's delve dive into this comprehensive top 10 list from RideNow.


The 2023 Kawasaki Mule SX, with a base MSRP of $7,999, shines as the best side by side for the money. This model, ideal for budget-conscious adventurers and workers, offers a balance of affordability and robust features without skimping on quality. Its strong 401cc air-cooled, 4-stroke engine, compact size, selectable 2WD/4WD, and dual-mode rear differential demonstrate power and versatility.

Further enhancing its appeal, the Mule SX provides a spacious cargo bed and the option for additional accessories like winches and plows, ensuring readiness for any task. Despite its economical price, the Mule SX presents exceptional functionality and performance.

With the impressive value proposition of the Kawasaki Mule SX in mind, let's now shift gears and explore the best UTVs of 2023.

#10 HONDA PIONEER 700-4 DELUXE10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (1)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $13,399

Welcome the Honda Pioneer 700-4 Deluxe—an off-road master that elevates your adventures. This impressive vehicle expertly handles rough terrains and comes equipped with innovative features that enhance your driving experience. Its smart technology simplifies navigating challenging trails, making every adventure more efficient.

Housing a robust 675cc liquid-cooled engine, this Honda product excels in handling tough tasks with trusted durability and performance. But power isn't its only strength—comfort is a priority too. Whether you're accommodating four passengers or need ample cargo space, the Pioneer doesn't compromise. Its spacious interior assures a smooth journey and sufficient room for your gear, making it a reliable and versatile companion for all your adventures.


10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (2)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $17,799

If you desire space and comfort during your off-road expeditions, the Yamaha Viking VI EPS Ranch Edition might be your perfect match. Imagine an ATV designed like a stretch limo, offering ample room for relaxation and sightseeing! It comfortably accommodates six passengers, making it an excellent choice for group adventures into the wilderness or thrill-seeking families.

But it's not just about spaciousness. This Yamaha Viking's smart storage solutions ensure an organized, clutter-free ride. The generous under-seat compartments serve as hidden vaults for your essentials, while its rugged cargo bed can carry an impressive 600 pounds, perfect for camping gear or equipment.

Adding to its robustness, this Yamaha model features a standard center-mounted, 2-inch receiver-style hitch. Like a reliable friend, it's always ready to help tow trailers or other hefty loads with a remarkable towing capacity of 1,500 pounds—no terrain is too rugged, no task too challenging.


10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (3)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $19,999

A UTV that can tick every box, the Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Premium. This marvel captivates off-roaders and outdoor buffs alike with its blend of power, comfort, reliability, and tech. It's like the valedictorian of the UTV world, impressing with an 82 HP engine, a striking 2,500-pound towing capacity, and a generous 13-inch ground clearance—it's a machine that never settles for less.

The star of the show, its sturdy 82 HP engine, breezes through all terrains like a versatile athlete excelling in every game. It not only takes you places but also guarantees a smooth, exciting journey.

Its towing prowess is worth mentioning, with an astounding 2,500-pound capacity. The Ranger XP is akin to a dependable friend who's always ready to lend a hand, managing trailers, equipment, or other heavy loads with ease.


10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (4)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $20,599

Say hello to the Kawasaki Mule PRO-FXT Ranch Edition, a UTV that could outperform a faithful mule. This reliable powerhouse sails through the toughest tasks as though they're a leisurely stroll.

Transporting a heavy load? Easy work for this UTV! It boasts a carrying capacity of 1,000 pounds. Need to tow a weighty load? The Mule stands tall, demonstrating its ability to pull a full ton! It’s like your dependable buddy, always ready to assist, no matter the task. Additionally, a sturdy steel barrier ensures your cargo is safe during transit, providing extra reassurance.

The Mule isn't just about hard work. It's a family-friendly UTV that enjoys fun! This generously-sized machine comfortably accommodates up to six passengers. Be it family adventures in the wilderness or relaxed outings, the Mule ensures everyone's included. It's like your personal conveyance for shared experiences and memory-building journeys.


10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (5)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $9,999

Introducing the Polaris Ranger 500, a budget-friendly UTV that excels without compromise. Powered by a robust four-stroke engine, this spry machine transforms rough terrains into a joyride.

Despite its affordable price, the Ranger 500 impresses with a 1,000-pound payload capacity, handling everything from camping gear to work equipment with ease. Furthermore, it exhibits excellent towing prowess with a 1,250-pound capacity, making it a versatile companion for off-road challenges.

Compact yet comfortable, the Ranger 500 effortlessly navigates narrow trails with its slim 58-inch width. While small in size, its 32 HP engine delivers substantial power for work or play. This is more than just a UTV—it's your dependable partner in all adventures.


10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (6)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $25,399

Ready for an off-road powerhouse that's a head above the rest? Say hello to the Can-Am Defender MAX X MR. It stands taller than its Defender siblings, but don't let its stature fool you into thinking it's any less nimble. It loves a good challenge, whether it's cruising through swamps, or plowing through thick mud, the Defender MAX X MR embraces it all.

With those oversized tires and beefed-up gear set, it's all set to defy gravity and expectations. And did we mention it has storage – lots of storage? The designers have been clever, sneaking in under-dash compartments that keep your essentials at hand reach while leaving the cabin spacious and clutter-free.

The cherry on top? Waterproof under-seat storage. Perfect for those muddy boots or rain-drenched clothes. And for those of you who love to haul everything but the kitchen sink, we've got you covered too. An optional bed and roof rack are available to supercharge your storage, boasting a payload capacity of up to 1,750 lbs with certain packages.


10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (7)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $34,899

When it comes to taking on any challenge, whether it's hunting turkeys, hauling feed, or transporting fence posts, the Defender Max H10 Lone Star doesn't back down, just like a true Texan. This remarkable utility vehicle is designed to conquer tough terrains and show them who's boss. With its upgraded tires and front bumper, this UTV becomes even more rugged and ready for action.

Just like the open spaces of Texas, the passenger area provides plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy a comfortable ride. No matter the conditions, this vehicle ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey, gliding over diverse fields and grounds with ease. So go ahead, embrace the Lone Star spirit, and let the Defender Max H10 Lone Star be your trusted companion on any adventure.


10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (8)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $20,299

The Honda Pioneer 1000-5 EPS Deluxe isn't your typical ride. Its wheels have been souped-up from the previous 12-inch steel versions to robust 14-inch aluminum powerhouses. That's not all, with a flip, faster than a magician's trick, this adaptable buddy can transform from a cozy three-seater to a party-ready five-seater in no time!

And talking about being handy, wait till you hear about the dump bed. It's packing a mighty punch with a 1,000-pound capacity, offering industrial-level strength so you won't have any trouble navigating your Pioneer, whether you're off-roading or just doing some heavy lifting. It's the perfect blend of functionality and convenience, the Pioneer 1000-5 EPS Deluxe redefines what it means to ride in style and comfort.


10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (9)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $29,299

Get ready to meet your new trusty workhorse, the Polaris General XP 4 1000 Deluxe. This little powerhouse isn't just practical, it's designed for your work needs with a generous bed box that is waiting to carry all your essentials. And, hold on, because it can bear a whopping payload of 1,280 pounds, and even tow up to an impressive 1,500 pounds.

But it's not just strong; it's smart too. Its clever shock-absorber dumping mechanism is a dream when you need to unload cargo in a jiffy, making your work not just easier, but smoother too.

Don't think it's all business though! Climb on in and you'll find comfortable seating for up to four passengers. Whether you're hitting the trails or tackling a job, the Polaris General XP 4 1000 Deluxe is a versatile partner that's ready to take on any task. This isn't just a side-by-side, it's an ally in action, a friend in function, and a comfort in capability.


10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (10)

Base MSRP for this UTV starts at $19,399

Prepare to meet your electrifying compatriot, the Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 Premium, also know as the best side-by-side for trail riding. This machine is more than just impressive, it's your go-to for all your off-road adventures, equipped with a formidable ProStar engine that delivers a pulse-racing 86 horsepower. And wait, because it can carry more, tow more, and outrun any competition in the wild off-road terrains.

But it's not just about raw power; it's incredibly adaptable too. With an outstanding 11 inches of suspension travel, it's designed to navigate anything from bumps to holes to rocks. It's as if your Ranger asserts a 'never-give-up' spirit to any tough terrain you choose to conquer.

Don't imagine it's all brawn, though! Step inside, and you'll experience an extraordinarily comfortable ride, courtesy of its three-mode throttle control. It's about ruling the wild, yet without compromising on your comfort.

Wrapping up

That's a wrap on our comprehensive top 10 list of the most formidable, versatile, and cost-effective UTVs of 2023. Whether you're an adventurous spirit in search of thrilling expeditions, a hardworking professional with hefty loads to manage, or simply someone seeking the best value for your buck, there's a UTV out there tailor-made for you. And guess what? You can CLICK HEREto view our extensive inventory of UTVs right now!

Furthermore, for those interested in a slightly different ride, we also carry a broad range of ATVs. Check our top 10 list of the best ATVs in 2023. No matter your preference, remember, it's not just about finding a machine that works—it's about finding the right machine that works for you. So, rev those engines and happy riding

10 Best Side-by-Side (UTVs) for 2023 | RideNow Powersports (2024)


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