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"Hey, something's wrong!"

I heard Cecile's voice from behind me.

"Oh, this is bad. Let's hurry!"

I responded without turning around to look at Cecile, who had shouted.

(The beastmen are really fast.)

A bright Red Beetle-like magical beast was chasing the adventurers around.

The party of adventurers seemed to consist of beastmen.

It didn't matter if they were the vanguard or the rear guard or in formation, they ran away as if they were desperately trying to save their own lives.

Their speed appeared to surpass that of humans.

(That unfamiliar magical beast is such a formidable foe? Some of the adventurers seem to have Adamantite GreatSword.)

They didn't look like a party of weak adventurers with inexpensive equipment.

Some of them were carrying shiny black Adamantite Great Swords.


One of the fleeing cat beastmen stumbled and fell heavily.


The Red Beetle-like magical beast changed its target to that cat beastman with an eerie mewling sound.

It had large Red Beetle-like horns on its forehead and large Stag Beetle-like jaws, showing jagged teeth and a long, wagging tongue.


"Ur! No! Run!"

A wolf beastman immediately noticed that the cat beastman had fallen.

He hesitated for a moment, but returned to help.

However, the Red Beetle-like magical beast was closer to the cat beastman, so it was very unlikely he would make it in time.

"Kurena, Dogora, you take the front!"



"Hey! Who are you?"

Then my friends and I arrived.

B-rank Birds were using their awakening skill [Soar].

Ignoring the reaction of the startled wolf beastman called Ur, Kurena and Dogora's Great Sword and Axe slammed into the face of the Red Beetle-like magical beast with tremendous force.


There seemed to be a lot of momentum generated by the B-rank Bird [Soar] as Kurena and Dogora's attack was more powerful that what I had anticipated.

The magical beast made a sickening squeal, then a high-pitched metallic clang sound came from where it struck the weapons.

The Red Beetle-like magical beast backed up, bouncing once or twice on the ground.

However, when I thought that it would continue to bounce, it regained its position while hovering in the air.

"Allen, it's very hard!"

"Oh, we didn't even leave a scratch. What the hell is this guy!"

(Doesn't look like the damage went through.)

We had made a perfect surprise attack, but the magical beast was only blown away and didn't receive any damage at all.

"Hey, what the hell is wrong with you people!"

"We'm here to help you because you've been attacked. We will handle the situation here, so please run away."

(It's a lie. I stopped by to beat the Floor Boss. Please run away because if you fight as well, we will be forced to share.)

"What!? Don't you know , he's Beebe!"


(Is it a famous magical beast?)

"It's a Blood-Blast-Beetle, an S-rank magical beast, and you started to fight it without even knowing that?"

I asked him what "Beebe" was and he told me.

Beebe was a S-rank Floor Boss.

(I guess it's an S-rank magical beast...but that Beebe or whatever it's called hasn't attacked us while floating. Does that mean it's watching us now that something strange has arrived?)

There were also S-rank magical beasts on the 2nd floor.

There were several Floor Bosses in each floor of the S-class dungeon, but we were told that there would always be at least one S-rank magical beast on each floor.

I understood that the S-rank magical beast in the 2nd floor was nicknamed Beebe.

Beebe was chasing the beastmen around, but when my friends and I arrived, he changed the point where his compound eyes were staring at us, as if he was trying to determine who we were.

"I'm sorry, but I need to concentrate on the fight. If possible, I would appreciate it if you could withdraw."

I determined Beebe to be an enemy that required our full concentration.

"Yes, I understand. I'll thank you guys when we both get out of here alive."

"It helps. I'll be sure to charge you."

I interjected him when he said that he would thank us later, thinking a business deal would be better than making someone owe a debt.

"I'll be sure to thank you. Hey, you guys, we're retreating."

The remaining beastmen and the cat beastman called Sara, who seemed to have been a healer and healed her own wounded leg, began to retreat.

"Ur, let's go."

"Oh! You, what's your name?"

Ur asked for my name while being urged by Sara to escape.


"Then, Allen, maybe this will help you. Magic doesn't work on Beebe."

With that said, the beastmen began to flee as fast as they could.

(Haha, that was valuable information. Magic doesn't work on Beebe, so I guess the only way of damaging it is by using physical attacks but its long horns and jaws are dangerous. Poisonous needles or anything like that won't work as well.)

"Dogora, Kurena. Its big jaws are dangerous. So, keep your distance and attack."

""Got it.!!""

I wanted to analyze our enemy to make a strategy to defeat it without any risk.

Kurena and Dogora kept their distance and attacked Beebe, while Beebe also attacked the two in close quarters.

Both Kurena and Dogora's weapons were quite large, allowing them to keep their distance from the enemy.

Both Kurena and Dogora were fighting with caution against Beebe's large jaws and long horns.

"Cecile. Hit it with some Fire Magic."

"What? But that guy said magic doesn't work!"

Cecile said that my instructions didn't make any sense.

"That's just what he said. We have to try it ourselves first."

I didn't trust the beastman Ur's advice, so I wanted to verify it.

"I get it!"

With that said, Cecile activated her Fire Magic and a large Fireball struck Beebe.

(Hmmm, except for Merle, all of my friends' skills are below Skill Level 6, but they all seem stronger than when we fought against Demon General Razel.)

Thanks to the fight against the White Dragon, my friends who had had their Talents changed had risen considerably in their Level.

The passive status increase skill in Normal Mode could be unlocked at Skill Level 3 and 6, but my friends had only unlocked their first Skill Level 3 one passive skill then.

But even so, they were all stronger, albeit only slightly, than when they had fought against the Demon General Razel.

This S-rank magical beast called Beebe was about the same size as B-rank Bird but not that huge.

A Fireball struck it without regard to where Kurena and Dogora were fighting.

But just in time, Kurena and Dogora moved to the side to escape the Fireball.

Beebe, who had been fighting against Kurena and Dogora just before, was completely engulfed by the Fireball at the perfect moment.

I was using <Sharing> on all the B-rank Birds who were part of the fight.

I had complete control over their movement and vision, so I could do such things without having to give instructions to Kurena or Dogora.

Cashew Cashew

However, Beebe, who has not been burned at all, emerged from the flames as if shaking off the flames with his wings. It didn't seem to have been damaged at all.

(Hmmm, Insect-type magical beasts are supposed to be weak against Fire Magic. Its Magic Resistance is too high. Then, if not magic, I guess I can go for it.)

I determined that the information the wolf beastman, Ur provided to be true, as I consider our next plan.

"Kurena! Dogora! Find the right time to use your Extra Skills."



Fire Magic didn't work, so I made my next move.

"Sophie, use [Spirit King's Blessing]. Formar, find an opening and crush even one of its compound eyes with your Extra Skill."

"Yes, Master Allen."


"Cecile, use a barrage of Fire Magic to keep Beebe from moving."


It was a strategy we had been using ever since we were at the Academy.

We had gotten a lot better over the course of the Rosenheim war at using it.

Sophie used all of her mana and asked the Spirit God Rosen on her shoulder to use the [Spirit King's Blessing]. The Spirit God did a hip-swinging dance and a glowing, bubbly rain fell.

And everyone's status was increased by 30%.

With the timing of Beebe's momentary retreat, I summoned several E-rank Stones and had them use their awakening skill [Self-Destruct].

Beebe was engulfed in flames and smoke with the sound of explosions.

(Now is the time. Come on out, Dora-Dora!)

Commander B-rank Dragon appeared before Beebe's eyes, who had retreated because of the explosions caused by E-rank Stones.

Then, immediately after being summoned, Commander B-rank Dragon used its awakening skill, [Fires of Wrath].

Beebe was completely engulfed in flames.


However, the Commander B-rank Dragon turned into a glowing bubble as it was poked by the horn on Beebe's forehead, which emerged from the flames with great force.

"How about this!"

Just as the B-rank Dragon disappeared, Cecile hit Beebe with a huge block of ice which she had created using [Ice Magic].

Cecile's [Ice Magic] blew it away, but Beebe remained undamaged.

It bounced a few times, but then balanced and hovered in the air.


Formal used his Extra Skill [Arrow of Light] to destroy one of Beebe's compound eyes, but it was repelled. Beebe's eye was perfectly fine.


Beebe continued to emit eerie squeals, showing its fangs and tongue from its mouth, which could be seen through its jaw.

Then, from the point where it was blown away, it closed the distance at once.

(How about this?)

At that moment, I summoned a B-rank Stone in Beebe's path with, <Fast Summon>, causing a large, round shield to be thrust out in front of it.

Beebe suddenly slammed into the B-rank Stone that appeared in front of it, and at that moment, I made the B-rank Stone use its awakening skill [Internal Reflection] and counter-attack with triple damage.

"Oh! It finally got damaged."

Several cracks formed in Beebe's bright red exoskeleton, leaking purple bodily fluids.

At that moment, Kurena's body began to shimmer.

Kurena used her Extra Skill [Limit Break] to attack the cracked and less durable Beebe with all her might at that opportunity.

Kurena's attacks further cracked Beebe's exoskeleton.

"Kurena, you can finish this. Hit it!"


At that moment, Beebe changed the target of its attack from Kurena to Dogora. It used its large jaws to pinch Dogora.


"No, Kurena. Strike the big jaw that's holding Dogora !"

"I get it!"

Beebe, not caring that Dogora was surprised and trying to escape, pinched Dogora's large shield and armor together with a cracking sound, and tried to cut him in half.

Kurena panicked and struck an attack that combined the Extra Skill [Limit Breaking] and the Sword King's skill into one of Beebe's jaws.

The same attack that was able to damage a transformed Demon General was also able to damage Beebe.

One of Beebe's jaws cracked and Dogora was free.

"Dogora, are you all right?"

Yeah, I'm fine."

He is bleeding from both arms because he was pinched by a large jaw, but Dogora said he was fine.

After he replied, Recovery Magic rained down on Dogora from Kiel.

(It would have been bad if Dogora didn't have a big shield. But thanks to you, a lot of damage has been done.)

As the fierce battle continued, Beebe got considerably weaker as we worked together to attack it.

Cracks were everywhere on its body and purple fluid was leaking out.

And one of Beebe's jaws was heavily abraded due to Kurena's full power attack.

"We're almost there! We are going to defeat it!"


It was then.

Beebe approached a rank Stone.

(Huh? )

Then, Beebe pinched it with its big jaws, not caring that one of them was heavily injured.

Then Beebe's body started glowing.

"What? Energy drain?"

I knew immediately what Beebe was doing.

I then immediately called the B-rank Stone to my card, but it was too late.

The heavily injured jaw and the cracks that had spread throughout Beebe's body were almost completely healed.

(Ah, it used its healing method after nearly being defeated. It can't use Recovery Magic, but it has a means of recovery.)

"Hey, what are we going to do?"

"Okay, it can't be helped. Everyone!!!"


In the worst case scenario that Beebe was completely, I turned everyone's attention on our next move.

"Let's get the hell out of here!"

(If we continue to fight against Beebe, we will get injured or worse suffer casualties. We are not its match currently.)

"What? Okay. Okay."

I made the decision that we could not defeat it as we were.

No one, including Cecile, disagreed.

We had decided to retreat.

(Okay, not a shadow of the beastmen.)

The party of beastmen was already gone when we started escaping.

Allen and his friends used B-rank Birds to escape.

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Hellmode ~A Hardcore Gamer Becomes Peerless in Another World with Retro Game Settings~ - Chapter 239 | Light Novel Pub VIP (2024)


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