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"I'm going to take a shower first."

Peter said to Uncle Ben and Aunt May, then immediately took his clothes and went to take a shower.

After taking a shower, Peter returned to his room. As soon as he got back to the room, Peter began to rummage through the boxes and cabinets. After a while, he found all the useful things.

Looking at the pile of various things on the table, Peter suddenly got an inspiration.

The scientific gem in his mind glowed, and Peter's hands began to move involuntarily.

[Note: No one can see the scientific gem]

Two hours later, Peter collapsed on the table exhausted, but a smile appeared on his face as he looked at what he had made on the table.

At this time, there were four very simple-looking bombs and more than a hundred mosquito-sized drones on the table.

If it weren't for the scientific gem, Peter would definitely not be able to make these things, because with Peter's ability, he simply couldn't make such unscientific things.

Although those four bombs looked simple, their effects were the same as the black hole bombs of the dark elves in Thor 2.

They all created a temporary black hole and sucked in surrounding objects.

However, if the dark elf saw the process of Peter making the black hole grenade, he would definitely doubt his life because it is not scientific at all.

Isn't it because it is too difficult and almost impossible to make?

The Dark Elves are able to make black hole grenades because they have the ether particles of the Reality Gem.

Those more than a hundred mosquito-sized drones are more acceptable than black hole grenades.

They are just honeycomb drones that can absorb surrounding electromagnetic waves for automatic charging and have normal shooting and infrared functions.

"Yue, can you control these drones?" Peter asked, picking up his phone.

As soon as Peter finished speaking, Yue's reply appeared on the phone screen.

{No problem, Master.}

Peter smiled when he saw that Yue could control these drones.

Today's situation made Peter realize that having Yue did not mean he was omnipotent in the online world.

Although Yue is an artificial intelligence from the future, even Jarvis is no match for her now, but due to hardware limitations, Yue cannot fully display her abilities.

After all, when Yue was originally designed, she was not intended to be used as a normal artificial intelligence, but only to assist in combat when the Pilot and the Titan were separated.

In addition, the helmet is so small that it can't provide much computing power.

So in order to prevent the situation like today from happening again, Peter made these "eyes" on the table, so that he could spread his eyes throughout New York City.

So that he would be able to know in time if anything happened in the future.

In addition, Peter plans to use these hive drones to find Dr. Connors in the sewer. If possible, it would be best to force Dr. Connors to the ground from the sewer.

Peter does not want to enter the dirty and smelly sewer unless it is necessary, nor does he want Gwen to go down into the sewer.

He does not want his sweet Gwen to become smelly.

"Yue, please control these honeycomb drones to go to the sewer and help me find the trace of Dr. Connors. Just alert me when you find him."

Peter opened the window as he spoke. The mosquito-sized honeycomb drones on the table flew out of the window under Yue's control, and entered the sewer through the small hole in the manhole cover at the door of the house to look for the trace of Dr. Connors.

Then Peter began to clean up the table, and then went to bed to sleep.

It was almost twelve o'clock now, and Peter was too tired today, so he felt physically and mentally exhausted and was too lazy to be a superhero tonight.

Lying on the bed, he suddenly thought about his ugly title.

"Yue, help me find out who gave me the title of 'Super Soldier' on the Internet. Tell me when you find it. I will make that person pay!"

{Okay, Master.}

So Yue allocated a little computing power to start searching online to find out where the title of Super Soldier came from.

Since the name Super Soldier was chosen through voting by netizens, Yue quickly hacked into the website and found the person who proposed the name Super Soldier.

However, since Peter was already asleep when Yue found him, she didn't disturb Peter and planned to tell him after he woke up the next morning.


The next morning, Peter opened his eyes to the sound of pleasant bells.

Yue noticed that Peter had woken up, so she told Peter the information she had found last night.

{Master, I have found out that the person who came up with the title of Super Soldier, he is your classmate Flash Thompson.}

Peter, who was still a little confused at first, suddenly became clear when he heard Yue's voice on the phone.

He sat up and said through gritted teeth.

"So it was Flash who did it! Damn Flash, I'll make you pay when you come back to school."

On the other side, Flash, who was checking in for discharge at the hospital front desk, suddenly sneezed and rubbed his nose in confusion.

"Ah, why did I suddenly sneeze? Is someone missing me?"

As Flash spoke, he handed the money to the nurse at the counter, completely unaware that he would have to face Peter's "revenge" after returning to school.

He was still thinking that when he return to school, he and his two friends would seize the opportunity to beat Peter up again.

Flash thought that he must confirm whether Peter had any iron sheet on his body before beating him, so that he would not be tricked by Peter like last time.


"This is it."

Peter looked at the small warehouse in front of him, took out his mobile phone to confirm that there was no problem with the location, then reached out and knocked on the door of the warehouse.

Less than a minute after he knocked on the warehouse door, it was opened.

Peter was shocked when he saw the old man in brown sunglasses and a gentle smile on his face. His eyes were wide open and he even wondered if he was dazzled and rubbed his eyes.

But in the end, Peter confirmed that the old man in front of him was actually the man he was thinking.

"Stan Lee!"

That's right, the old man in front of Peter is Stan Lee, who is known as the father of Marvel and has a cameo appearance in almost every Marvel movie and is one of the most powerful Marvel characters, the Observer.

Stan Lee was not surprised at all that Peter recognized his identity. He put his index finger in front of his mouth and made a hushing gesture to Peter.

"Boy, just keep this to yourself. Don't spread it around. I'm just a retired old man that you can see everywhere."

Retired old man?

Peter didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he heard what Stan Lee said.

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