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When it comes to finding the large shadow box display right for your display project, our range of styles, depths, and sizes ensures you will find the perfect enclosed wall shadow box. Our numerous collections of patented USA-Made SwingFrame Large Shadow Box Display Cases feature hinges and a sliding gravity lock hidden behind the front frame door. When wall-mounted, there's no front frame exposed hardware, so you are unaware the shadowbox frame swings open.

And Unlike many other store-bought hinged shadow boxes offered elsewhere, there's no hardware distraction when viewing the displayed items. SwingFrame Designer Shadow Box sizes range from small to big, extra-large sizes, and shallow interior to extra deep shadow boxes. All swing open shadow box frames are for wall hanging in indoor commercial and residential environments.

Our uniquely designed Designer Shadow Boxes are versatile wall displays typically used to showcase objects for viewing in corporate halls, lobbies, hotels, and public places like exhibitions, museums, historical societies, retail stores, casinos, and restaurants―also purchased for office and home decor. Buy shadow box with door online with numerous materials and options, including metal and wood frame styles, shelves, and LED lighting. As a built-to-order shadowbox manufacturer, we also offer custom shadow boxes. Email or Call for more information or request a quote.

SwingFrame Designer Shadow Boxes
Beautifully built and easily accessible, these SwingFrame empty, wall-mounted shadow box display cases swing open, allowing you to front-load and creatively arrange your items and objects. Although the front frame has a sliding gravity lock hidden from view, a side plunge lock with a key is optional if needed. We offer an attractive range of metal and picture frame styles that come standard with the Designer SwingFrame Shadowbox.

But if a custom shadow box showcase is required to complement various interior décor styles, we offer hundreds of custom picture frame styles, including modern, ornate, and traditional. In addition, colorful beveled matboard borders, shelving, interior LED lights, bulletin board backgrounds, fabric-covered cork, and colorful laminates for interior and exterior cabinet finish are just several options to enhance your shadow box design further.

The SwingFrame Shadow Box is an enclosed display case with a front window (we install impact-resistant clear plexiglass} containing an item or objects presented in a grouping with artistic or personal significance. The collection of things can be random or thematic. Choosing a SwingFrame large shadowbox size, depth, exterior, and interior materials have the elements to create a dramatic visual effect to showcase your single item or multiple objects. But if you're looking for an enclosed small shadowbox frame, we can build to your small size requirements.

Our big, oversized, extra-large framed shadow boxes are not premade or off-the-shelf displays. SwingFrame Designer Shadow Boxes are custom built to order, providing you with the options to create the perfect wall shadow box display case. SwingFrame Shadow Boxes with door are on the walls in offices, schools, universities, corporate lobbies, hotels, museums, historical societies, visitor centers, casinos, homes, and other indoor environments.

Designer Metal and Wood Shadow Box Frames
The standard metal frame (aluminum) SwingFrame Designer Shadow Box features a 5/8" round top picture frame in five popular finishes, including black, white, satin silver, light gold, and dark bronze. You may also choose either a white or black interior for your box.

For the standard wood shadow box frame, a bold 3-step profile is available in nine stained wood finishes—black, cherry, mahogany, coffee brown, honey maple, spruce green, white, walnut, and marine blue. The interior cabinet includes a choice of white or black finish.

Are you looking for a bold style frame? Our customized shadow box display cases with the wide picture frame profile offer an eye-catching contemporary custom picture frame style that will fit smartly into any indoor setting. We offer a 2 3/8" wide metal frame profile and a 2 3/4" wide wood profile. Swing-open shadow box frames come in 12 popular standard sizes with custom and deep shadow box sizes available.

Popular Large Black Shadow Box and White Shadow Box
SwingFrame shadow boxes come with a wide selection of custom wood and metal frame profiles, colors, and finishes, including the ever-popular black shadow box and the white shadow box finish. That means the picture frame, the box interior, and the cabinet's exterior sides are all black or white. You can also mix and match the colors. Such as white on the inside cabinet and black on the outside. Whatever works best for your indoor décor or space. And we'll build it, whether it's one unit or a bulk order, with many large shadow box display cases.

Large Shadow Box Sizes and Deep Shadow Boxes
Typical big box, store-bought shadow boxes tend to be limited in size and depth and mainly on the small size. Our SwingFrames deep shadow box display case comes in many standard rectangle and square sizes with a wide range of deep shadow box cabinets for all kinds of art, objects, and dimensional items you want to showcase. And with the front frame door cabinet opening, you can easily arrange and change your wall display. So if you're looking for a small 16x20 shadow box, 18x24 shadow box, a large shadow box 24 x 30, 24x36, or an extra large shadow box 30 x 40, we have them. We have over 25 standard large sizes, depths, and metal and wood frame styles of shadow box display cases, including popular 22" x 28" and 3' x 4' display case shadow boxes.

Open Shadow Box Frame
This collection of wood-framed wall shadow boxes has no hinged frame door or glass window. And are referred to as open face shadow boxes. It's a wall cabinet style with easy access to front-load an item or re-arrange your displayed objects. Choose wood frame finishes in cherry, coffee brown, opaque black, white, dark mahogany, walnut, honey maple, charcoal, or natural clear. Custom options include wide-ranging metal and wood picture frame styles. Add cork boards, shelves, and other options. Buy from numerous standard sizes, small to large shadow boxes, and deep shadow boxes to meet your design needs.

USA Custom Made Shadow Boxes
All SwingFrame Designer Shadow Box Displays and Open Face Shadowbox Frames offered in this collection are built to order. We can modify wall shadow boxes. Also, we can create a custom shadow box to your specifications. When making custom shadow box display cases, you have additional options such as sizes, depths, numerous metal, wood profiles, colors, finishes, shelves, cork and fabric backgrounds, interior lights, and secure locking. Please contact us if you don't see a shadow box frame size or box depth that fits your display needs. Also, contact us to request a quote. Our Shadow Boxes are Made in the USA and shipped everywhere.

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Shadow Box Display Cases (2024)


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