Where Can I Get a Brake Controller Installed? (U-Haul Cost) (2024)

Who do you trust? When it comes to installing a brake controller, the decision boils down to who will you trust with the installation. Will it be your RV dealer or will it be U-haul? Or you can go to your trusted mechanic and have them install one for you.

If you weren’t aware that U-Haul installs bake controllers, you would be surprised that they will do it for you. You have to call their hitch center and make an appointment. The cost will range between $60 & $350 depending on your trailer, etc.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the best information at your fingertips the next time you need a brake controller installed. There are different companies that provide this service.

Brake Controller Installation

Who Installs Brake Controllers?

Does U-Haul Install Brake Controllers?

U Haul Trailer Brake Controller Installation

How Much Does it Cost To Install a Brake Controller?

U Haul Trailer Brake Controller Installation Cost

Can I Install My Own Brake Controller?

How Long Does It Take To Install a Trailer Brake Controller?

Finding RV Brake Controller Installation Near Me

Who Installs Brake Controllers?

Where Can I Get a Brake Controller Installed? (U-Haul Cost) (1)

There are many different companies that offer to install your brake controller for you. The only difference in their service would be their costs. U-Haul is just one company that does it and Big Tex Trailer World is another.

But instead of looking up individual companies you can go over to e-trailer’s website and use the list they have compiled already. The list goes state by state so you can find a trailer controller installer near you.

That option should save you a lot of time searching for someone in your area. Just click on the state name where you are and a list will appear. Find the company nearest you and see if you can book an appointment. Or how soon you can book an appointment. They do get busy.

We did our own search, it is best to use the e-trailer’s website as the individual options would take too much time to go through. There are more installers than you may realize as Idaho has 15 on that list alone.

Once you click on a state, you can then click on a city to shorten your search time. You can check with your local trailer companies as well. They may provide this work for a nice fee. They may not be as busy as some other outfits in the area.

Does U-Haul Install Brake Controllers?

The last word we got was yes, they do install brake controllers. The cost may not be attractive but they are professional trailer operators and know a thing or two about installing controllers.

Many people may not consider U-Haul as offering this service but there are about 13 items this company installs that most people may not realize that the company does the work.

The price for the installation is between $65 and $350 and it will be up to the hitch center how much they will charge for your vehicle. You would need to call the company to find out all the details.

If you are not familiar with the area, U-Haul will install tow packages for you, tow bars, weight distribution hitches, gooseneck hitches, and more. They are more than just a truck and trailer rental outfit.

They also install bike racks, back up cameras, and trailer wiring. This is a company that has quietly expanded its business to make sure they meet all the needs of its customers.

The cost for installation of all these items will vary and you should contact U-haul for specific rates. Rates can change at a moment's notice.

U Haul Trailer Brake Controller Installation

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One reason you may not know that U-Haul offers this installation service is that most people know that the company uses surge brakes on their trailers. Surge brakes do not need a brake controller. Only the hydraulic and electric braking systems need that device.

If you want the company to install your brake controller, you need to contact their hitch center for all the details and specific costs. You would also have to make an appointment to get the work done on time.

The company also sells a few different brands and models of brake controllers. This will make your installation more like one-stop shopping as you can get everything you need at one store.

The cost of the controllers ranges from $60 to $230 approx. Plus labor and any other charges. To get all the details, contact the U-Haul outfit near you. They will have the best information and should be able to provide the number for their hitch center.

Sorry, it is not the hitch center you should be asking for but the U-Haul Moving Center. It seems that the company will provide a warranty on some of its work and products.

You can view all their offers at their website- www.uhaul.com. It is worth checking out, especially if the cost is going to be cheaper than the dealer’s price.

How Much Does it Cost To Install a Brake Controller?

This will depend on the company that does the work. They have their own pricing list and different companies may charge different labor rates. That makes it hard to provide you with any sort of figure here.

As has been reported, the U-Haul prices range depending on the type of vehicle and the type of controller you want to be installed. Expect to pay a minimum of $300 and about $1000 for the brake controller and installation.

If you already bought an installer, you may not be able to get U-Haul or some other companies to install it. You may have to go to independent mechanics to get the work done or your dealer.

Call them to find out if they will install a third-party brake controller before you show up at their doorstep. Prices will always vary and some controllers are very expensive just to buy on your own.

U Haul Trailer Brake Controller Installation Cost

Where Can I Get a Brake Controller Installed? (U-Haul Cost) (3)

As you have already read, the cost for U-haul to do the work will vary. It will depend on the type of controller and the make and model of your tow vehicle. Your cost may also be influenced by how busy the Moving Center is.

The specifics will have to be discussed with the U-haul office you call. Or you can send them a message through their website. The link is listed above. It is best to talk to them directly as they may not have a moving center in your area.

There are other companies that install different brake controllers and their costs vary due to the type of controller you want to be installed. For example, the traditional has two options, the proportional and time-delayed. The average installation cost for these two types is $85 and $60 respectively.

The wireless model is $240 on an average cost and the trailer-mounted option reaches $340. Finally, the dashboard-mounted controller only costs $200 for the proportional and $180 for the time-delay model on average.

All companies will have various costs so talk to the companies on your list and compare their prices.

Can I Install My Own Brake Controller?

Yes, you can if you are electronically inclined and know how to work with connectors, wires, and fuses, etc. There are 5-steps to the process:

1. Remove the negative battery cable from the battery- this will protect you from any electric shock that may occur while you are working.

2. Decide where you want the controller located- this may be decided for you depending on the type of controller you want and buy. You have a lot of freedom here but make sure it is attached in an out-of-the-way spot so it does not interfere with other applications.

3. Drill those holes- make sure you are not going to hit any other wire or device during the drilling and the installation of the screws. The mounting bracket will give you the exact number of holes you need to drill as well as their location.

Make your marks, put the bracket down, and drill. Go slowly and not too deep. You want to make sure you hit nothing behind the dash.

4. Attached the brake controller- First attach the bracket, then the controller. Go slowly as you do not want to strip any threads. Double-check to make sure the controller is facing the right way, at the right angle and you did not hit anything behind the dash.

5. Connect the wires- this is an important last step as you need to make sure the wires are all in their proper spot connecting to the right terminal. Most controllers should come with instructions and will have a diagram pointing out the right way to make the connection.

One final instruction, test the controller after installation to make sure it works and it is not in the way of anything else.

How Long Does It Take To Install a Trailer Brake Controller?

Where Can I Get a Brake Controller Installed? (U-Haul Cost) (4)

If you are doing it yourself and you are not experienced, it may take a couple of hours at most. It will depend on where you are installing and how much room you gave yourself to make the installation.

If you are experienced, then it may take you an hour depending on your skill level and the location of the controller. The above instructions are just for one model of controller and different models may take longer or shorter to install.

Then if you use a company like U-Haul, then it will be no time at all as the company’s workers will be doing the work. They may take up to an hour depending on how busy they are, how much experience the worker has, and other factors.

The wireless option may not take a long time but you need a compatible connection to work with wireless. Pick your controller according to your technical skill level. While it may be cool to have a wireless system, it is not always the best set up to install and use.

They will also be expensive to buy depending on where you buy yours. Amazon is a bit cheaper than e-trailer costing about $350 to the latter’s $462 approx. The brake controller should be one you are comfortable with using as well.

You have a lot riding on the performance of this little device and it should go smoothly when you are driving.

Finding RV Brake Controller Installation Near Me

One of the better ways to go about finding a solution to this search is to do a local search on your computer. If you are in a rural area, the closest center may be in the biggest city that is nearest you.

Or you can use the local phone book and look up trailer companies that install brake controllers. This is old-fashioned but it works. Plus, you can talk to other RV owners on the discussion forum for your brand of trailer.

They will know of some as they may have had to use them in the past also. They may be able to give you some tips on how good the work is, how fast they work and so on.

These RV owners are always ready and willing to help. They may know who is good in your area so do not discount that resource. Then, we would recommend using the e-trailer website that we linked above.

It will save you a lot of time and it covers all 48 lower states and possibly Alaska. That website did a lot of hard work and it is very thorough. Make use of all the resources available to you.

Some FinalWords

You do not have to do the work of installing a brake controller yourself. You may like doing that work but if you are pressed for time, check out those companies like U-haul. They offer more services to their customers than renting trucks or trailers.

Their rates may be lower than your local mechanic’s or dealer’s prices. U-haul knows trailers as they have been in the trailer business for a very long time. Pick the best controller for you. That way you should have safe travels every time you are on the road.

Where Can I Get a Brake Controller Installed? (U-Haul Cost) (2024)


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